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Being Married to a Filipina

Posted 1/24/2017

Insight into Filipina culture

If you are interested in dating a Filipina or even planning to get married to one and you don't know much about Asian culture, especially of that the Filipino culture, then you should read this writing. And if you want to know what's the difference between the words Filipina and Filipino, then you should see it here: What is the difference between Filipino and Filipina.

Dating a Filipina or being married to one is truly great. The culture in the Philippines has some amazing ingredients that makes Filipina women beautiful, well balanced and really lovable women.


Filipinas are family oriented

Many Westerners have been totally blown away by the love and commitment they see in their Filipina wives. A Filipina can actually wake up early in the morning to sweep up the house and to prepare a breakfast for all while her husband and kids are still sleeping. Filipinas can do cooking, cleaning and taking care of her husband and children all at the same time with no complaints. It's all the result of Filipina's cultural instinct and how they are raised to be focused on the family.

One of the most important things to a Filipina is her family. It's really hard for a Westerner to understand how important family is for a Filipina. This close bond is not limited to her immediate family only and this is the thing that can be a bit too overwhelming for a Westerner. From the Western point of view a family is mainly consisting of one's parents, children and the spouse, in some cases also one's brothers and sisters. For a Filipina the family means also cousins, nieces, nephews and grand parents. And many overseas Filipina workers can give more than a half of their paychecks to support their families even to the fourth generation. For a westerner it's hard to understand that someone would work hard to support his/her parents.

Filipina's focus on the family and especially in her husband and children is something so close to perfect, that for a Westerner who has only seen self centered feminist Western women before this is really a humbling experience which results a person to realize what true love really is. A Filipina can actually spend a lot of time making sure that after the dinner is prepared everything is well cleaned in the house and that her husband is eating all the right things, taking his vitamins and getting enough rest.

Filipinas encourage their husbands in all positive things and that's why men who are married to a Filipina can radically change into a better person. This all comes from realizing what's really important in life and from learning what true love is.


Filipinas are religious

Majority of the people in the Philippines are Catholic Christians and majority of the Christians in the Philippines are truly religious and they take their religion very seriously. This is important to understand if you are interested in dating or getting married to a Filipina.

The Philippines has a Spanish Catholic tradition and the Spanish style Catholicism is embedded in the culture. The Catholic Church has great influence on the society and the culture in the Philippines. It's important to understand and accept the religious side of the Filipina's life if you want to build a lasting relationship with her.

If you are a Catholic christian or just an ordinary guy who wants to live his life in conservative family values respecting manners then dating or getting married to a Filipina is probably going to be the best decision of your life. However, if you intend to date a Filipina and you're not Catholic or not even a christian, then one possible solution for you is to "switch" to her religion or in some other way to accept the conservative Catholic christian way of life. Otherwise, the road ahead after marriage can be a rough path to go.

But of course, at the same time, there are some Filipinas who don’t mind if their significant other is of another religion or don’t identify with a religion at all. But just keep in your mind that even if she doesn't mind, her family might, so it's good to learn at least the basics of Catholicism to make a good impression to her parents.


Everybody in the Philippines loves food and karaoke

Although in the Western countries people have possibilities to eat well, most of the westerners who travel the first time in the Philippines are surprised about the amount of food available everywhere.

And especially, if you get invited to your Filipina girl friend's house then you’re going to be confused about the mountain of food which is brought right in front of you. And that's just normal way for them how to eat, and what's really interesting is that Filipinas don't gain weight the same way as western women do. Is it the genes or the Filipino food? No one really knows. But the fact is you hardly ever see over weight Filipinas.

And after eating it's time to bring out the karaoke machine. Almost every Filipino family owns a karaoke machine and almost every bar and restaurant has one. So if you get invited to a party and everyone is drunk and singing, they'll want you to sing as well.


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