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How to Find Filipina Wife

Posted 1/29/2018

Things you need to know about meeting women from the Philippines for serious relationship and for prospect of marriage

Nowdays international dating is more than just shady mail-order-bride-sites or holiday romance and pick-up. International dating has grown in popularity and is actually more common than the mainstream wants you to believe. The two main reasons why international dating has grown in popularity are the decline of traditional family values among the western women and the fact that the internet with high speed connection and smartphones make international dating a whole lot of easier than it was in the ages of mail-order-brides and airmail letters. Because of the decline of traditional family values among western women a lot of traditional values respecting men are today willing to go overseas to meet women who still respect marriage and family. This writing isn't going to tell you why you should start international dating. The assumption is that you already know why, and the answer to that is too simple and therefore it wouldn't make a long writing; you should start international dating because it's easier to find traditional feminine women from overseas than it's from the western countries. Instead, this writing is going to tell you why you should choose to date and meet women from the Philippines. This writing will also tell you how to meet beautiful traditional and feminine Filipino women who are suitable for long term relationship and who you could marry and have kids with in the future.


Why Phlippines

Philippines has a reputation for beautiful women and because the people of the Philippines commonly speak english it's been a easy choice for many men ever since the era of airmail letters and mail-order-brides. It's true that there are many other countries with beautiful and traditional women. But the women of the Philippines have a lot of benefits when compared to women from other countries. Probably the main benefits are the global reputation of Philippines beautiful, caring and marriage-minded women who speak english and respect traditional christian cultural values. This doesn't mean that all Filipinas would be extremely religious. But it's clear that traditional christian values and traditional family values go hand in hand and that's why traditional family values respecting men should see and understand the benefits of traditional christian values.

Filipino women are raised in traditional christian way. This means that Filipinas aren't usually very promiscuous and they are faithful in relationships. The majority of the people in Philippines are Catholic and this has taught the women to be conservative and faithful to their husband. Because of the traditional culture in the Philippines for a Filipina it's also natural to be a caregiver and manage the household. You have probably noticed that a lot of Filipinas work abroad as nurses. This kind of woman can be trusted to take care of her family and husband. Your home will always have welcoming and warm ambient through your Filipina wife.

Filipino women are easy to approach. Many Filipino women are timid and bit shy which makes it easier to go on dates with them and start conversations with them. And, if you have some shy characteristics in you as well and you would like to meet a woman who is different than those loud and noisy liberal women of the west, then you will be surprised to know how perfect match Filipino women are for you.


How to meet Filipino women

If you are looking for serious relationship then randomly approaching women on the streets is not very efficient. And if you travel to Philippines for a holiday, then you have only limited time to get to know women and this limited time most likely isn't enough to find out if any of the women you meet are suitable for long term relationship.

What you need to do is to choose an international dating site which is in a good reputation and is in favor of Filipinas. Besides these things the dating site needs to be the kind which allows you to be in direct contact with women on the site and the site is good to have a membership fee. The membership fee should be the kind which is charged upfront monthly or yearly. The thing with the membership fee is that if you take finding a life partner seriously and want to meet women who also take finding a life partner seriously then you can avoid casual daters and scammers by using sites which have membership fee. Free sites and free dating apps are flooded with scammers and prostitutes. You won't find a quality woman who is suitable for long term relationship from a free dating service. Some sites have pay per message or pay per letter type of subscription. You have to avoid these type of sites as well and stick with the sites which have paid membership charged upfront and unlimited direct contact with women on the site. Pay per message and pay per letter sites usually upload thousands of profiles of beautiful women and charge men from every message they send. Most likely on these type of sites the women aren't real and you are writing to a guy.

FilipinoCupid and AsianDating are both good reputation sites, and both are in favor of Filipino women. These two sites have a huge number of Filipino women from the Philippines and from all around the world. So by using these sites you don't necessarily need to travel to Philippines, when you can find local Filipinas living near you. These two sites are both part of the well established Cupid Media group which operates 30 other reputable niche dating sites.

Both, FilipinoCupid and AsianDating have monthly subscription and they allow direct contact with women on the site. This makes it possible for you to make sure that you are messaging with a real woman and not with a bot or a guy. And after getting to know women on the site, and after meeting the one you want to know better you can both switch to other ways of communication like Whatsapp or Facebook.

Once you joined the site you should create your profile and verify your email. It's important that your profile and intro demonstrates that you are a serious man looking for love and long term relationship. You may want to avoid mentioning the words ’marriage' or/and ’looking for wife' in your profile. This may seem a bit too eager and it can terrify some women if the guy seems too eager, but you can mention that you are wishing to have a family someday. The profile picture is ofcourse a good thing, but it's not a necessity. AsianDating and FilipinoCupid both have so many females in them that you will be contacted by women even if you don't have a photo in your profile.

In AsianDating and in FilipinoCupid your chances of meeting traditional feminine woman who is suitable for long term relationship are a lot higher than in your local bars or streets. If you want to find traditional feminine woman who is suitable for long term relationship and who you could possibly marry and have kids with in the future you should join FilipinoCupid or AsianDating.

You can even join both of them because they're both free to join. This means that by joining you don't lose anything, but the chances are you'll meet the love of your life. 


Click this link to join FilipinoCupid.

Click this link to join AsianDating.


If you want to meet traditional and feminine women from other countries then here you can see other reputable and trusted international dating sites.


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