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How to Meet Genuine Love Searching and Marriage Minded Thai Women

Posted 4/23/2017

How to meet Thai women and how to find a Thai wife

This writing tells you how to meet Thai women and how to find a Thai woman who is capable of giving you genuine love. A relationship with a Thai woman can be very satisfying and loving one. But before you start dating Thai women you have to realize that there are some things you have to be aware of. By reading this writing you'll learn how to meet Thai women with the right intentions and how to avoid unpleasant surprises when dating Thai women.

Things you need to know about Thai dating 

Starting a relationship with a Thai woman who has the wrong intentions can have severe consequences. For example Thai women who are working in a bar or in tourism sector are generally less reliable. Thai women working in bars or in tourism often come to that sector for financial reasons and therefore they are more likely those kind of women who are ready to abuse men to get financial benefit.

That's why "traditional" Thai women are the best choice for a good love based relationships. "Traditional" is in this case meaning Thai women who are not working in bars or in tourism sector and who you wouldn't meet if you would go only to the places where you go as a tourist. The best places to meet these traditional Thai women are parks, shopping malls and other public places. But then you'll have to start conversations with them, different like with bar girls, who will start conversations with you. An other good way to meet traditional Thai women is to join on a good reputation Thai dating site where you can be anonymous and you don't have to worry so much about how to start conversations with women.

If you start a relationship with a Thai woman who has the wrong, dishonest intentions you can face bad emotional and financial consequences. Thai women are known to have a strong need to take care of their parents and children. Taking care of their own children is of course a good thing. But when starting a relationship or getting married to a Thai woman who has children you need to realize that Thai women will do whatever it takes to make sure they can take care of their children. This can have an effect to your financial situation because a Thai woman with children may ask you to financially support her children if she can't support them her self.

So if you are not sure that you want to financially support and raise other man's children you shouldn't start a relationship with a Thai woman who has children. This way you are also more likely going to have your own children and carrying on your genes because the women who already have children can easily make a decision that they are not going to give birth any more.

There are many laws in Thailand that makes Western people an easy victim for Thai women with wrong intentions. For example, it's forbidden to a Western person purchase land on his name. That's why a lot of guys often purchase land on their Thai wife’s name. It’s also not possible to establish a company in your own name. The legislation in Thailand demands that 51% has to be in the name of a Thai person. Thai women may suggest that you finance the company and she will own the 51%. Don't fall into these traps! In a case of a disagreement it's pretty certain that you will lose your money and your company or land will be taken over by your Thai girlfriend's family.

The laws themselves are of course protecting Thailand from greedy foreign investors and without the laws Thailand would have much higher prizes and the entire country could be already bought up by foreign investors. However, the dishonest Thai women with the wrong intentions can abuse these laws. So don’t let love blind you and keep in your mind that the Thai legislation and the Thai authorities are there to protect Thailand and they will do it on your expense.

Completely a thing of its own in Thailand are the bar girls. You have to be very careful with them. Bar girls are of course good and easy company for one night stands and for casual sex. But it's not usually a good idea to start a relationship with a bar girl. Bar girls are looking for men to get money, that's their profession, and a bar girl usually has several guys at the same time who are giving money to her and supporting her lifestyle and her family.

Although you sometimes hear stories about the bar girls who have fallen in love and left their former life behind, you should always keep in your mind that those cases are very rare and the bar girls are professional entertainers who do it for money and to financially support their families. Be always very critical if a bar girl promises you love and a mutual life with her. There's a high chance that she's looking for to financially abuse you.

You can have a great relationship and a perfect marriage with a Thai woman. You just have to understand Thai culture and know the signs of wrong intentions. It's also important to understand what kind of environment or social class your Thai girlfriend comes from

One good rule of thumb when thinking of the signs of wrong intentions is that the more money your Thai girlfriend asks from you, the more likely she is financially abusing you. You can decrease the possibilities of getting financially abused by not dating bar girls and by dating only traditional Thai women from the better social classes. When searching a serious relationship with a Thai woman or a Thai wife you should avoid searching from bars.

The best way to find a serious relationship or meeting a Thai wife is on good reputation Thai dating websites. Thai women with higher education from higher social classes can be found there. However, be careful of free dating sites/apps because free dating sites/apps usually attract women who go on dating websites for the wrong intentions and not to find love.

When choosing a dating site you should choose a site with a membership fee. Dishonest people usually don't join on paid sites because they want to make other people pay them money and they don't want to pay anything them selves. That's why a membership fee is a good way for a site to ensure better member quality.

Probably one of the most important things on any dating site is the member database. The members of ThaiCupid are mostly marriage minded, love searching traditional Thai women with all kinds of backgrounds. ThaiCupid covers the whole spectrum from university girls to independent business women and Thai Milfs, so you'll be finding exactly the type of women you are searching for.

When you're making for example a search for 25-29 year old women who logged on within the last week the search results come back with 1000 which is the most results allowed. That's really good. And what's better is that the age gap between 25 and 29 years is only four years and you're having so many search results, and Thai women tend to be still fit and beautiful on their 30's, so that means that in ThaiCupid there is basically never-ending supply of beautiful Thai women just waiting for to be contacted by you.  

And what's the best in ThaiCupid is that once you've logged in you don't have to start conversations with women, in ThaiCupid the women will start conversations with you. Actually in ThaiCupid there's so many female members compared to male members that the women are competing with each other to get men which is totally opposite what you're used to.

The ThaiCupid interface is very well laid out and the site is easy to use. It has a lot of useful tools to help you search women. You can search women by age, city and country. You can limit the search only to those who have uploaded a photo or to newest members or to those who were last online. The newest member search is very useful because the newest members are usually the most keen ones to get to know other members, so by limiting the search to newest members you can contact the women before they've contacted anyone.

You can also search women by filtering through criteria such as height, body type or if they have kids. One of the most useful features on ThaiCupid is the "favorite feature" which allows you to add girls to your favorites list so that you can contact them later. You can first search members with desired criteria and add interesting ones to your list. The "favorite feature" is especially useful if you like to use the so called mass posting technique which means you'll write one starting message which you'll then copy-paste and send to everyone on your list and then you'll continue the conversation with those who answer.

ThaiCupid doesn't have any actual mass posting tool itself. And it would be hard to imagine that any good reputation dating site would offer mass posting tool anyway. It's always good to keep in mind that personally tailored and genuine messages work the best and you shouldn't do mass posting if you want to find love and you're really looking for to get to know someone. But you don't have to worry about writing messages or how to start conversations with women because the women of ThaiCupid are keen to get to know you and they will start conversations with you.

ThaiCupid is not a free dating site. You need to upgrade your account to read and send messages. With the free option you can browse other users profiles, but you cant send messages to non-paying members and you can't read messages from the non-paying members. However, you can send messages to paid members and if you're lucky some paid member may contact you and you can read her messages and send messages to her. ThaiCupid is free to join and you don't lose anything if you just sign in to take a look of the members.


What type of membership package should you choose

It doesn’t really matter if you go with gold or platinum membership. Platinum gets your profile listed above the gold members, but it's really not necessary because ThaiCupid has so many female members that you'll get contacted by women anyway. More important thing is to consider how long membership you'll need. If you are located somewhere else than in Thailand it's good to take the 6 month package. This way you'll get better deal and you have more time to search the perfect Thai woman for you. Naturally, there's less Thai women near your area than there are in Thailand, so you'll need more time.

If you are located in Thailand or you are going to have a vacation there you can go for the 3 month package. This way you can start messaging girls few weeks before you arrive and you will get a date lined up already on your first night there.

You can also choose only one month package which is a secure option if you just want to see how ThaiCupid works and see is it really true that in ThaiCupid the women actually compete with each other to get men. The one month package is also a great option if you are already on a vacation in Thailand and you are tired of bar girls hanging around you and you want to have real genuine dates with traditional Thai girls who are interested in having a relationship with a western guy.

Start finding love today and meet beautiful love searching Thai women. This link gets you to ThaiCupid.


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