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Why Men Want to Date Russian Women

Posted 11/17/2016

What makes Russian women appealing

Russian women are beautiful. Nobody actually knows where the Russian beauty comes from but one theory is that Russian beauty is a unique mixture of Indo-Europeans, Germans and East-Slavs which got influenced by Mongols during the Mongol invasion in the 13th century. That makes Russia unique melting pot since centuries which resulted the Russian beauty; high cheek bones, fair skin, green or blue eyes, blonde/dark-blond or brown hair.


Russian women are feminine

Russian women are dedicated to look beautiful. Dedication to look beautiful is a sign of true femininity. Russian women want to look good in every situation and many Russian women wear beautiful makeup, high heels and short skirts every day because for a Russian woman beauty is power. Russian women know that the best way to get your inner beauty noticed is to attract attention first with your outer beauty.

Most of the Russian women have the so called sand-clock figure which is a sign of the high level of estrogen which is a female hormone. In the other hand, Western women in Europe and in the USA usually have the "apple" figure which is typical on women who have higher level of testosterone which is a male hormone. Female hormone estrogen makes Russian women more feminine than western women in Europe and in the USA.


Russian women are loyal

Russian women are naturally very caring and tender. A Russian girlfriend or a wife is your most devoted friend and your best advisor when you are sick or feeling bad. Whatever happens Russian girlfriend or wife is always ready to face any trouble with you. A Russian woman truly believes that her partner is the best person for her and she is sincere about that because she values herself highly too.

In the other hand a Russian woman wants her partner to be loyal as well and Russian women can be very demanding. A Russian woman wants a guy who will love her and only her. Russian women appreciate good old manners and traditional family values. Russian woman will stay loyal to you as long as you stay loyal to her.


How to draw Russian women's attention

The Russians in general are little reserved and they like to keep the distance to people they don't know. That's why sometimes Russian women can first create an impression of Ice Queen. But after you pass that phase (if she lets you) you are doing just fine.

The best way to draw Russian women's attention is to be yourself and polite. You can open doors for her and bring flowers when you go on a date. And keep in your mind that Russian women appreciate a man who is polite and respectful not only to her but to other people also.

For the most part, Russian women date and marry men whom they genuinely like. Russian women are intelligent and a Russian girl is raised to think and act independently. That means if a Russian woman is attracted to you and wants you she knows what to do and you don't actually have to worry at all.


How to meet Russian women?

The best way to meet love-searching Russian women is to join on international dating site which has Russian women in it.

RussianCupid is international dating site for Russian women and for men who are searching for love and serious relationship with a Russian woman. RussianCupid has members world wide, including Russian women living in Russia and abroad.

Join RussianCupid.

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