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Should I Marry Asian Woman

Posted 6/3/2018

Possible cons of having Asian wife

When people debate about the importance of marriage most people who are critising the institution seem to forget the facts that statistically, married people live longer and helthier life and opposite what people believe, statistics prove that married men actually make up to 40% more money than the comparatible single men, which proves that marriage is not a financial burden (what people who are against marriage say), but in fact marriage is a productive institution which improves your life. Marriages are supposed to last a lifetime but in reality 50% of marriages end up in divorce. That's why it's important to think well if you are ready to marry, because you want your marriage to last, right? It's also good to think whether the marriage really is your thing or would it be better for you to take the statistical risk of lower income with unhealthy life and stay single to just date different women. This writing tells about possible cons of marrying Asian woman. The purpose of this writing is challenge you to think so that you could make the right decision.

  • ”Men are supposed to produce and provide, women are supposed to nurture and consume”. Many Asian women think this way and if this is you also, then Asian wife is definitely your choice. But there's a con in this if someday you change your way of thinking or if you get tired of the situation that your wife is dependent of you.
  • Many Asian women are genetically thin and petite. If you don't think big is beautiful then Asian woman will very likely be a perfect match to please your eye even after years pass by because her bodytype will unlikely change into bigger because the bodytype is in her genes. But there's a con in this one too, if someday you start to find curvy women more attractive then you might lose interest in your Asian wife.
  • Asian women are known to be hard working and ambitious. This is ofcourse a good thing, and it's important to set both short-term and long-term goals in life. If you can set mutual goals with your wife and have matching expectations in life your marriage will be succesfull and you both will thrive. A con of having hard working and ambitious wife is if her expectations are higher than yours and you start to have disagreements in setting goals for yourselves and for your family.
  • Asian women are generally less adventurous and less promiscious. Asian women are usually conservative and want to live in tariditional way, which is totally opposite to western women who constantly want to break traditions and try new things. If you want to live traditional and secure family life without any big surprises then marriage with Asian wife will guarantee happiness for you. The con of having traditional wife is that it may get boring eventually or lead in disagreements, especially if someday you would like to try something new and your wife doesn't agree with that.
  • Asian women are good in finances and they are ideal money managers at home. Asians are usually good in mathematics and altough Asian women like to consume they consume wisely and they also know how to save money. So having Asian wife can actually benefit your financial situation and help you save your income, this is ofcourse if you are bad at finances and willing to let her take care of your finances. The con of having financially and mathematically talented wife is in who is controlling the finances. Asian women may want to control how you spend your money. She may also want to know how much and where you have possible savings or property. If you are not OK with letting your wife get involved in finances or if someday you may want to spend money without your wife knowing it you may end up having disagreement.
  • Traditional family values is one of the biggest reasons why so many Western men want to date and marry Asian women. Asian women are usually comfortable in their feminine roles and they let men to keep their masculine role. Opposite what feminists would want them to do, Asian women respect masculine men, they want to get married and have kids. By marrying Asian woman you get to have traditional roles, your wife will respect you, and you can have kids who are also being raised in traditional way. And that's basicly all the things what feminists hate, so besides getting happy family life you get to anger some feminists too. But what's the con of having Asian wife with traditional family values? There's no actual con in this, unless you're so traditional that you want to find your wife of the same race or if you're afraid that you can't relate to your mixed-race kids as being your own kind.

Sometimes there are just people who aren't accepting international/-racial dating. A lot of people, especially feminists don't accept white men dating Asian women. There's no way escaping stereotypes or racism if it's your own mindset. What you can do is to surround yourself with supportive people and keep in mind that who we are isn't based so much on our looks, it's based more on what we do and how we act and behave. If you raise your kids to respect your values and if you teach your wife about your culture then you can preserve the things what are important to you and create something new and even greater based on those things.

These are the typical pros and cons of having Asian wife. And as you probably noticed, all the pros tend to have a con in it and the most typical con is related to changing your mind. But that's how life is, everything in life has pros and cons. But what then makes succesfull relationship and marriage? The answer to that is in loving someone because of the cons, not despite the cons.

If after reading this and getting to know the cons of having Asian wife you still want to marry traditional Asian woman then you should do it. If you haven't yet met Asian woman who is potential marriage material you should start looking at AsianDating which is secure and reputable dating site in its niche.

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