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Foreign Dating Forum


We co-host dating communities with a partner. We're committed to offer high quality and secure dating experience for international audience. The members of our dating communities are love searching people from all around the world who are interested in finding serious relationship with a foreign partner.

The dating communities are:


Foreign Dating Forum

Foreign Dating Forum is international dating community connecting men and women from all around the world.

Foreign Dating Forum is a dating community with active member database consisting of members from every continent.

Foreign Dating Forum is especially designed to answer to the wishes of the men who are attracted to Asian, Latin, African and Russian women.

The members of the Foreign Dating Forum are searching for love and international marriage. Whether you're a woman attracted to western men or a man who wants to be contacted by foreign women searching for love then Foreign Dating Forum is the place to be.

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Christian Dating Community

Corrente de Orações

The international christian dating community is called Corrente de Orações which is a portuguese expression and means a chain of prayers.

Corrente de Orações dating community was originally tailored to portuguese speaking christian singles searching for love throughout the portuguese speaking world eg. Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and Portugal.

Due to great demand for high quality international christian dating Corrente de Orações was translated also in english and spanish. Corrente de Orações was then launched internationally and it's now helping all christians and all traditional family values respecting men and women from all around the world to find love and international marriage.

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