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Married to a Foreigner

Posted 2/18/2014

Considering an international marriage?

It's difficult to find information about the leagal issues of international marriages. There's not valid and detailed information easily available about the things to be taken into account when going to marry a foreigner. This site was created in order to avoid mistakes and to survive with a less stress. This site and it's writings will benefit those who intend to marry another nationality as well as those who are considering to live abroad with their foreign spouse.


Relatives and friends may question the terms of the authenticity of the relationship

international spouses have to face the constant doubts about the authenticity of their relationship. Many people are with the opinion that foreigners from Asia, Africa, Russia or South America get married with the europeians or americans because of the money and to get to live and work in rich countries. These doubts are often strongest with the spouse's friends and family.

Often, friends and relatives worry about the authenticity of the relationship and about the foreign party's actual intentions. These worries usually peak just prior to the intended marriage. Worries and doubts among the friends and relatives can sometimes take years. It's good to remember that the concern of friends and relatives can also be seen as caring of a family member and a friend.

About half of europeians and americans entering into marriage with a foreigner will end up in divorce. Of course, this also applies to europeians and americans who intermarry with each other. So there is no reason to be afraid that the international marriage will automatically be unsuccessfull. In fact more than half of the marriages are successfull and don't end up in divorce. 


International marriages are commonly successfull

Most of the international marriages are authentic and based on love. International marriages often result a wonderful life and they lead into absolute wealth. International spouses can learn a lot from each other.

The children of the international families often perform better at the school due to their multilingual background. In the future's increasingly globalizing world the multinationality received as a birth gift gives an absolute advantage over the others.


If the feelings say that it's genuine love, you should take the chance

After falling in love there is no reason to worry about the divorce and refuse the feelings. If instincts and emotions say it's love most likely it's love. People should believe their instincts and emotions. It's good to keep in mind that if you never take the chance you will never find out how the love story would have been developed.


Things to take into account before getting married

Always before committing to anything it's good to ask first do I really want to commit to anything. Another question worth asking to is do I really want to commit to this person which I'm in love. If the answer to these two questions is yes then you can think of being very close to the marriage.

When you have studied your own feelings it's good to get to know the possible spouse's feelings. The key to the other person's heart is, of course, a good chat together. Unfortunately this is not always possible because the subject can be embarrassing to the other and one of the spouses can be frustrated to trying to describe the things he/she does not know how to handle. Sometimes you just have to accept that not everyone knows how to deal with their feelings. All of us are just not brought up to talk about their feelings.


How can I be sure about the spouse's feelings?

It's a good to use some of your time and get to know the future spouse well before the marriage. Marriage is one of the biggest decisions in life.  Because of this it's not at all a bad thing to be patient and have some time to pass.

If you have any doubts about the spouse's feelings or about the spouse's real intentions it's good to wait up for a year and take a look if you really love each other. It's important to get to know well the spouse before getting married.


Should I get the foreign spouse's background investigated?

If you are in love and ready to get married you should know your spouse already well. In any case it's not wrong to obtain more information about the spouse's background. Backgrounds are normally being checked during the residence permit or visa application process. Embassies and private investigation companies can help in sorting out foreigners' backgrounds.


Many people are concerned about if the foreigner can be married at the same time in two different countries.

If the marriage took place for example in Thailand the Thai Registry Office registers the marriage only in Thailand. That means when the marriage takes place in Thailand the foreign authorities are not aware of the marriage. For this reason it's important that the documents about the marriage are being translated, legalized  and registered in the both spouses' countries of origin.

If the marriage is not registered and legalized in both countries it's leaving the possibility for the other spouse to later marry in his/her home country and, therefore, to be married at the same time in two different countries.

After all: Being married in two different countries at the same time is very rare. Such doubts should not be allowed to disturb the feeling of love. However, if you suspect your spouse of something it is good to let time pass and wait until you get more knowledge of your doubts. Generally, over time, things will become clearer and doubts are revealed to be true or false.

Good to remember: Most of the international marriages are authentic and based on love. International marriages often result a wonderful life and they lead into absolute wealth.


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