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Filipina - Western Affair

Posted 4/1/2015

With the Eyes of a Filipino Consultant

This article is written by a Filipino consultant who has worked with Filipinos and westerners and dealt with visa assistance to Filipinos getting fiancé visas. In her work as a consultant she has been able to see many stories about Filipino woman and western man affairs. She is now here to tell us about Filipino women and western men. 

The Filipino Woman & Western Man Affair 

You may think its bias for me to write this article because I am a Filipina. But don’t get me wrong, I am married and not to a foreigner. I just want to express my point of view on this issue based on the many experiences I had, dealing with visa assistance to Filipinas getting fiancé visa or less hassle as tourist to western countries. It was just proper for me as a consultant to know all the details regarding their affair, how they met, from friendship to courtship, and even to marriage, as part of the interview process.


The Filipino Woman

Generally, Filipino women have strong personalities, they can directly or indirectly run a business, employ in a high government position, work in haciendas, and most especially manage the family. But two settings would distinguish the character, mindset, and personality as a whole of a Filipina. A girl brought up in urban cities are more exposed to fast-paced environment, advanced technology, and mixture of cultures and personalities. A girl from the rural setting is focused more on the community where she belongs, concentrating on the family and family affairs, very accommodating, soft spoken, quite shy especially to sexuality issues, but hardworking. Despite the contrary both have stunning beauty, unique femininity and personal temperament, yet easy to fall in love and love with truthfulness, honesty, care and respect. The traits that foreigners are magically attracted to.


Why do western men fall in love with Filipina?

Western men start an affair with Filipino women because they are attracted to the unique traits they posses. They are, as traditional women able to develop and nurture a relationship in a positive way and enable it to lasting and meaningful companionship. Some western men wants to explore relationship outside of their culture and nationality, fed up maybe of feminist movement or women’s liberation in their respective countries. Truly enough they would be amazed of the unique personality and character of a caring Filipina.

Marriage in the Philippines is dealt religiously and earnestly. When a western man proposes a marriage, and the girl accepts it the Philippine culture of “pamamanhikan” (Parental marriage proposal) cannot be eliminated. The groom-to-be  has to go through it, meeting the parents of the bride-to-be, expressing his desire to be engaged and settled with their daughter until such time the parents accepts the proposal and give them their blessing.  


The Stigma

We cannot set aside and ignore the issues on Filipino women getting involved in love-affair with western men just for material fulfillment. That they marry foreigners because of money, getting visa to go abroad especially to the U.S. where “milk and honey” flows … Yes, there may be truth in it but, let us not generalize the issue. I have seen Filipino women married and have family who are staying in the country, Philippines. There are also some foreigners who prefer to stay here and do what we Filipinos do, engage in business and even in farming, and I found them happy and satisfied with the life they have here. Let us not judge and jump into conclusion when we see a Filipina with western man around, they have all the rights to their relationship, especially, a right to fall in love. One American client said, “I’m fed up with divorce and thank God I found a true wife material and a mother material, which means a true and tangible being for me and my children”.

An ancestral culture that women after marriage is left at home to do household chores and tends to the children while the man is considered the supplier and bread earner. Nowadays, there is still quite a pressure on this traditional culture, that’s why women opt to choose men who are employed, have good source of income, and a good provider. And I accept this is a valid reason for most of our women marrying a western men with the thought of considering them as “good providers” but not selfish for herself but for the future of children and family they will be having. Family in the Philippines is considered sacred and much more value the sanctity of marriage. Close family ties is a trait that will linger in our blood. Filipino women when abroad even if married to western men finds a way to make a living. They don’t just depend from what the spouse would give but willingly toil for extra money to send and support families left in the Philippines. Very much concerned to the extended family left behind, the parents, brothers and sisters and even to nephews and nieces, she would succumb to any but decent job just for their sake.

Due to the inevitable growth of technology, occurrence of different strategies to meeting mates online like internet mail-order-bride, friend-finder online, or other social media that promotes friendship-dating, negative consequence is inescapable. I admit it has resulted to too much exploitation, have caused not only secret miseries, sacrifices, and sufferings to the victimized Filipina but much more it brought disgrace and dishonor to Filipino womanhood. It is hurting to know that there are who take advantage of our women, foreigners who have other motives than marrying and building a family but using them as prostitutes or pushing them to other dehumanizing filthy jobs.

Thank God to House Bill 2387 of the Family code of the Philippines, which was proposed stating: “The main objective of HB 2387 is to protect Filipino women against exploitation by foreigners who marry them without evident means to support a family,” Furthermore, “...when the male contracting party is a foreigner, in addition to the certificate of legal capacity, a certificate of good moral character and a certificate of gainful trade, business, employment or other lawful source of income issued by his diplomatic or consular official, must be submitted before a marriage license can be obtained.”


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