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Dating a Foreigner

Posted 3/10/2014

Before getting married to a foreigner it's good to get to know the future spouse

The people entering into marriage with foreigners often do it after too short period of dating. Many europeans and americans marrying a foreigner have met their partner only a few times before getting married. Many of the failed relationships and divorces could have been avoided if the spouses would have known each other well enough before the marriage. This writing was made to make more dreams come true and to make international marriages succesfull.

Before getting married it's good to spend as much time together as possible

The relationship between two people living in different countries is not easy. The distance brings difficulties when it comes to spending time together. For this reason many are rushing to get married because getting married will help in obtaining a residence permit. In this way getting married is the key for the spouses to start a life together.

Every year, tens of thousands of people meet a foreign partner and live happily together in love. The secret of love and long lasting relationship  is in getting to know each other properly before getting married.

During the marriage it's of course also possible to get to know each other and the spouses often share new things with each other through all their life. However, it goes without saying that there are things that are good to know before the marriage.


If you have any doubts you should try to find out if your spouse is hiding something

Often the basic assumption of the people around is that a foreigner tries to trick or scam the spouse in some way. It's very common that this skeptical environment affects the atmosphere and lays a shadow for the romantic relationship between the lovers. The fear of being scammed is natural for every human being. At this point it's worth reminding that the majority of international marriages and relationships are based on a genuine love and becoming scammed is actually rare. 

However, scams sometimes happen and there's nothing wrong to be aware of that. As a general rule it can be said that if you have any doubts, you should try to find out about it in order to avoid unpleasant surprises and to receive an internal peace over the issue.


How do I get relationship that's genuine and based on a real love?

The most important thing is to get to know the spouse well before the marriage. If the spouses live in different countries and physical meetings are difficult to arrange it's recommended for international dating to communicate with their partner a lot for example via e-mail and to chat for example via WhatsApp or by using Face Book Messenger.

Making a phone call for your partner once in a while is good to get to know what he/she is actually doing. If your partner has difficulties to answer to phone or he/she can't seem to be finding time for a phone conversations it may be that he/she has something to hide.

In the age of the Internet the communicating to abroad has become cheaper and easier. Video calls are highly recommended to stay in touch with the foreign partner. Video calls make it possible to see who you are actually communicating with. 


When dating a foreigner it's good to be aware of cultural differences

It's good to find out about the spouse's culture and talk about the expectations on the relationship and marriage. It would be good, if possible, to spend few years physically together with the partner before the marriage to become familiar with his/her expectations and habits. 

Important to know: In some cultures it may be a tradition to give money as a gift of a marriage. With these kind of traditions it's good to react with a little caution. As a major rule can be said that one should never pay for the spouse or to the spouse's family or friends to get married.

However, if money is being requested as a gift it's good to find out what kind of sums typically are being paid and whether the donation of money is a general and normal practice.

You may ask for information from the embassies abroad. The embassies located abroad help and advise their citizens in foreign relations.


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