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Invitation Letter, Tourist Visa and Marriage

Posted 2/6/2014

Can a foreigner arriving with a tourist visa get married in a foreign country?

Invitation letter is usually attached to the visa application. Invitation letter contains the personal information of the person who is being invited and the personal information of the person who is inviting.

In invitation letter it's also needed to explain what is the relationship of the persons and how they know each other. A valid invitation letter has to present also a purpose of the travel, the exact traveling time and contain an explanation of how the expenses of the traveling and living are being taken care of. The invitation letter is being sended personally to the person who is being invited.

Using tourist visa to get married

This writing explains the use of a tourist visa with a real purpose being to get married in a foreign country and getting a residence permit.

An explanation about the content of a valid invitation letter is being offered on this site at the Invitation Letter section.

It's not unusual to apply a tourist visa with a real purpose being to get married and to get a residence permit.

At this point of the writing it's good to remind that actions mentioned above are violating the immigration laws and regulations. The ForeignDating.Fi (this web site) recommends always to follow the local rules and regulations as well as the recommendations of the immigration officials.

Using tourist visa with a real intention being to get married is still quite common and some amount of the tourists granted with a tourist visa are getting married in their destination countries and after that starting a residence permit application process.

The residence permit application is also a way to extend a stay in a Foreign country because residence permit applicant is in many cases allowed to  stay legally in the country during the application process. 


For economical reasons it's recommended to apply a residence permit before arriving to the country of destination

One of the major reasons to avoid getting married and starting the residence permit application process during the tourist visa time is the lack of the social security during the application process.

Commonly only the citizens or residents can be a part of the country's social security system. Therefore a residence permit is being required to get allowed to apply and receive social security.

If the foreigner applies a residence permit already in the country of origin he/she may apply and receive social security right after arriving to the country of destination. 

Residence permit application processing may take months. The potential long processing time may become economically hard as the spouses are often forced to survive with only the income and salary what the other party is receiving


If the spouses still decide to apply only a tourist visa

If, despite all of the above facts the spouses decide to apply for a tourist visa with the actual purpose to get married and after that start the residence permit application process it's important to consider a few things.

It is good to remember that the invitation letter does not guarantee issuing of the visa. Each application is treated individually and the authorities become aware of the facts and the backgrounds wich affects in the issuing of the visa. If the authorities have any reason to suspect the spouses' explanations of the purpose of the trip or the validity of the case the visa can be refused

It is important to also take into account that the granted visa is not a guarantee of getting in to any foreign country. Border inspection authorities evaluate individually every arriving foreigner to cope with the costs of living in the destination. Border inspection authorities may also prevent the entry if there is reason to believe that the foreigner with a tourist visa intends to remain in the country permanently.

For more detailed tips on the invitation letter and on a tourist visa have been told in the Invitation Letter section

Important: If the spouses are intended to marry in a foreign country the foreign spouse will need to import to all the necessary certificates and documents for the international marriage.

If the spouses are intended to start a permanent life together in the EU area the foreign spouse coming from outside the EU should bring a birth certificate with him/her. Birth certificate may speed things up in the register offices.  In some cases the birth certificate is being required to get the residence permit and a permit to get married.

Important to remember: This writing offers a general information about the international marriage. Always find out the legislation, regulation and detailed information of your country of destination. The local immigration offices and embassies abroad assist on legal issues.


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