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Asian Women Offering Massages and Sex Services

Posted 11/1/2014

Asian women usually offer sex services during the massage

Many asian women living in foreign countries offer massages and sex services. Many of the asian women living in a foreign country have a background of a sex worker. In the cases when the asian woman's life in a foreign country didn't meet the expectations the asian woman usually ends up to work in the sex industry.  This is simply the reason why there are so many asian women offering sex services.

Western men are using the services of asian women

Asian massage parlours can be found from everywhere in the world. Even in the smallest towns there may be located an asian massage parlour. This indicates that there must be also a high demand for asian massages and for the sex services.

According to the asian women working in the sex industry it can't be told which kind of man would be a typical client buying sex services. According to the asian sex workers all kinds of men including married, singles and men with many different educational backgrounds as well as men from many different age groups are using the services of asian women.


There are states and areas where exchanging sex services to money is allowed.

Human trafficking is always a crime. The ForeignDating.Fi (this web site) recommends always to follow local rules and legislation. The ForeignDating.Fi (this web site) doesn't encourage anyone to buy sex services from the victims of human trafficking.

Most of the asian massage parlours offering sex services doesn't have anything to do with the human trafficking. Most of the asian massage parlours are functioning individually and can be seen as a small private company with people employing them selves by offering sex services. Most of the asian women working in massage parlours are actually hard working entrepreneurs.

If you are planning to buy sex services the (this web site) recommends to get familiar with the legislation of the area where the sex services are being planned to be bought. Unfortunately there are states and areas where the local legislation prohibits the exchanging sex services to money. This kind of legislation is unfortunately limiting the free enterprise and preventing it's benefits to the society.

If your state or area allows both the selling and buying of sex services from the self employed sex-entrepreneurs there's nothing wrong or reprehensible in using these legal services.


The self-employed asian sex workers are against the criminalisation of the sex industry

It's good to remember that many of the self-employed asian massage- and sex-entrepreneurs are offering their services completely with their own free will.

The self-employed asian sex-entrepreneurs as well as other self employed sex workers often tend to stand against the criminalisation of the selling and buying sex services. The self-employed sex workers are being afraid that if their profession becomes prohibited or if it comes prohibited for their customers to use their services it will lead in increasing human trafficking. 

Where sex industry and selling or buying the sex services is being  illegal there becomes a niche or a market gap for the human traffickers. Where the selling or buying the sex services is made illegal the buyers and the sellers need a middleman to get in touch with each other. The need for the middlemen always weakens the position of the sex worker while the middlemen are getting the majority of the income.

Many sociologists and researchers are against the criminalisation of the sex work.


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