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Asian Women

Posted 9/29/2015

What type of Asian woman would you choose

A lot of men find Asian women attractive and ideal partners. Many western men have already found their happiness with Asian women and more and more men are falling in love with Asian women every day. This is not a surprise because Asian women really know how to treat men. With Asian women western men can get liberated from the chains what the western society has given to it's male population. But it's good to keep in mind that not all the Asian women are the same. There are different types of Asian women with different qualities. This writing tells about different types of Asian women and teaches how and where to find Asian women of your type. Read this writing and know what type of Asian woman attracts you the most and how you can find your perfect Asian love. 


Wild Asian bar girl

Everyone who has traveled in Thailand or in other parts of South-East Asia has probably seen bar girls. If you haven't ever traveled in Asia or you don't know what a bar girl is then in this writing a bar girl means a woman who works at a bar or in a night club.

Bar girl's job is to entertain men who are customers of the bar or a night club where the bar girls works. Typically bar girls talk with customers, play games, dance and of course pour more drinks when the glasses get empty. Bar girls are also very pleased if the male customer decides to take the girl to his hotel room or at his home for a night because that's how the bar girls earn money. The difference with a bar girl and a prostitute is that the bar girls are usually self employed and doing sex work with their own free will. Bar girls can also "date" the same man for longer periods; when a prostitute leaves usually right after the job is done can bar girls provide company as long as the bar girl is told to leave or as long as the man is capable of providing the needed resources in exchange.

Usually bar girls originate from poor families of the poor regions but may wear expensive clothes and make up what they usually receive as a gift from their lovers. Some bar girls have been able to make a fortune by working hard. In the other hand, some of the bar girls end up being alcoholics or are forced to support their poor families.

Bar girls have some good qualities. Bar girls take very good care of their lovers; after all, it's her lover who provides her with the needed resources. A good quality of a bar girl could also be her experience with men. Thanks to their experience bar girls really know how to treat men and experienced bar girl knows how to keep a man happy and satisfied.

As a bad qualities of a bar girl could count the possible huge amount of other men she may be involved with and the fact that bar girl is dependent of your resources.

But still you can keep a bar girl loyal and your self happy if you just accept her past, make sure you can provide her with the resources she needs and above all, you shouldn't mind if a woman is dependent of your resources.

You can meet bar girls everywhere in Asia. But most likely you'll meet them in Thailand or in other parts of South-East Asia.


Kind and Loyal Asian woman

Kind and Loyal Asian women can be found everywhere in Asia. Asian culture is known about it's friendliness and politeness. Asians respect other people and they don't want to cause conflicts. That's what makes it natural for Asian women to respect their husbands and listen to their husbands' needs. 

Just the opposite to western women, Asian women aren't rivals with their husbands. Asian woman would never hurt or humiliate her husband. This is one of the reasons why so many western men have found happiness with Asian woman. These men have noticed, usually after unsuccessful relationship with a western woman, that for Asian woman it's really important to listen her husband's thoughts.

Good qualities of the Kind and Loyal Asian woman are absolutely her capability of listening other people's thoughts and the genuine commitment in providing happiness for the husband. The Kind and Loyal Asian woman is very adaptive and stays always loyal to her husband.

As a bad qualities for the Kind and Loyal Asian woman could be mentioned her in-capability of making her own decision. The Kind and Loyal Asian woman expects her husband to take the lead. For some men it can be frustrating if a woman is in-capable of making her own decisions. That's why if you're thinking a long term relationship with the Kind and Loyal Asian woman you should prepare to be the head of the family and you shouldn't be afraid of making the decisions considering of your family.

If you feel you may not be comfortable with the situation where you must make all the decisions, then maybe the Kind and Loyal Asian woman is not your type. If you want a woman who is independent and can make decisions, then instead of the Kind and Loyal Asian woman the Asian woman presented on the next chapter may be more of your type.


Asian business woman

A lot of Asians are committed to their work and they want to build their career. In Asia, there are a lot of women who have been concentrating to their career in expense of their social life. These work committed women haven't had any time for men or other social life.

But in some point in their life, usually after they have achieved their status in the work life these women start to want to have a social life and a relationship.

Many Asian women think that Scandinavian or western men are attractive and exotic. Many Asian women find genuine blonde haired men attractive. Asian women also give high value for western man's capability to live in equal relationship. That's why the Asian business woman who has achieved a lot can consider a relationship and a marriage with a western man. The Asian business woman knows that western men respect women and are really good and supportive life partners.

The good qualities of the Asian business woman is her ambition and her capability of being responsible of her self. With Asian business woman it's possible to find an exciting life in equal relationship and perhaps you'll find yourself in one of the Asian 24/7-full-of-life cities. Or maybe you start down-shifting with her in some place you both find peaceful and harmonious.

As a bad quality of the Asian business woman could be mentioned her busy life style. Asian business woman can be tired after the day at work and you probably you won't be spending many romantic evenings with a bottle of wine in a month. The Asian business woman also most likely won't have time to take care of the children. But that can be also seen as a good quality if you're willing to take the responsibility of the kids. Sometimes Asian business women may have lost their fertile years to their career and are biologically unable to have kids.

You can meet Asian business women through out all Asia. But the ones really eager wanting to meet Asian business women should aim their search in Japan, South-Korea or in China which are all countries known of their ambitious and career committed people.


Christian Asian woman

Although Christianity doesn't originate from Asia there are a lot of Christians in Asia. Christianity is especially popular in Philippines where the Catholic church is the dominant form of Christianity.

Asian Christians and Christian Filipinos are usually very devoted Christians. Actually in Philippines the legislation and Filipino life style is quite a lot based on Catholic beliefs and on Christian way of life. That's why if you want to date and get married with an Asian Christian you should definitely go search love from the Philippines.

There can be found numerous of Christians also in South-Korea. Over there one popular form of Christianity is The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification also know more simply as Unification Church.

For Unification Church it's typical that it combines together other forms of Christianity and other religions with Christianity. Unification Church has also some influences from science as it tries to combine the religion with science.

As a good qualities for Asian Christian are counted definitely her devoted christian life style and her will to live her life by respecting others as the Bible teaches. Asian Christian is a loyal and trustworthy life partner who respects family values.

The western men who get married to a Christian woman originating from Asia may get surprised how devoted Christians those women really are. When married to a Christian woman originating from Asia you really need to go to the church on Sundays. Some men also get surprised that the Asian Christian wife wants the husband also to follow the Christian life style. And if you think very carefully you probably agree that the relationships won't work if the both spouses aren't following the same life style and don't share the same values.  

So if you doubt your own capability to live devoted Christian life you should think twice before getting married to a Christian Asian woman. If you know you don't want to live devoted Christian life you won't be happy with a Christian Asian Woman in a long term.

But if you want to live real devoted Christian life and you want your wife to live that way too then you should certainly get married with an Asian Christian woman.

If you aren't interested in Protestant sects and you want to get married to a real traditional Christian woman then a Catholic Filipino woman is your perfect choice. 


Asian masseuse

In Asia there are long traditions for stress relief with massage. The perfect Asian massage reliefs tensions and releases the pressures resulting in long lasting state of full body relaxation.

Asian massage parlors can be found every where in Asia. Especially famous styles of Asian massages are Thai massage and Chinese Acupressure massage. Both these styles of Asian massages are based on stimulating the nerve spots. The true ancient style of the massage requires body contact and that the massage is performed solo with just the giver and the receiver.

Stimulating the nerve spots with deep static and rhythmic pressures will trigger the para-sympathetic nervous system to perform a self-release for tensions which will lead in releasing the pressures from the whole body.

The more experienced masseuses, who are usually on their 30's or 40's, give the best massages because they have learned to stimulate the nerve spots in a right way. The perfect masseuse stimulates the nerve spots strongly but without causing any pain.

The good qualities of Asian masseuse are her massage skills and her diligence. Because massaging is hard and not so easy work to do if you want to do it right, so it's clear that Asian women who work as a masseuse need to be very diligent. There are also demand for Asian masseuses through out the entire world, so who has skills in Asian massage can easily get self employed almost everywhere if the life situation requires so.

As a bad quality for the Asian masseuse could be mentioned her possible lower educational level. Asian women working as a masseuse are usually low or uneducated. Lower educated people are usually incapable of long term economical planning and they most likely practice the "lets's live in the moment" way of life. A western male accustomed to accuracy and economical planning may experience some difficulties in trying to adapt to the "let's live in the moment" way of life.  

Depending of the point of view as a bad quality of Asian masseuse can be also counted her possible back ground as a sex worker. It's not a secret that many Asian masseuses perform sexual acts during or after the massage to earn some extra money.

But if you can accept her back ground and you think you could adapt in or at least understand "let's live in the moment" way of life you can achieve happy and every way satisfying relationship with Asian masseuse.

For you who are searching for your own Asian masseuse it's recommended to go searching in Thailand. Also China and Japan are good places to get to know Asian women with massaging skills.


Asian housewife

Like told in one of the previous chapters Asian culture is known of it's friendliness and politeness. Additional to this Asian culture is also very family oriented culture which appreciates diligence.

For Asian women home and family are both very important. A lot of Asian women want to find a man with whom to settle down and have a family. Asian women want to take good care of their children and they are very persistent when it comes to taking care of the home and the family to make it to be the way they want it to be. Asian woman feels that having a family is a natural thing and Asian women are very proud when they can take care of their husband and children.

You can find your own Asian housewife every where in Asia. Actually all the different types of Asian women presented in this writing have a little bit of housewife inside them. Even the wildest bar girl or career oriented Asian business woman will find her inner housewife when she falls in love with the interesting and exciting western man who is ready to settle down and have a family.

Good qualities of the Asian housewife are definitely her capability and willingness to take care of the home and perform everyday tasks. 

As a bad quality for the Asian housewife could be mentioned the fact that you won't probably eat much burgers or sausages anymore because when the Asian housewife is responsible for the everyday tasks there won't be a lot of western junk food available anymore at home. In general, Asian women usually aren't big fans of the western junk food. Obviously this won't be a problem if you are a fan of Asian foods. And who wouldn't be? 


How to find your Asian dream woman

You can meet your Asian dream woman by joining good reputation international Asian dating site. After deciding what type of Asian woman you are looking for just register to the site and start getting connected with lovely Asian women who are searching for love and relationship.

You can see all the recommended good reputation dating sites on the Trusted International Dating Sites section.


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