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Baltic Women

Posted 8/18/2016

Baltic beauty

A lot of people agree that the most beautiful blondes come from the Baltic countries but it's harder to agree which Baltic country has the most beautiful women. Usually when talking about the Baltic countries people refer to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. But depending of the context Baltic countries or Baltic region might stand also for the countries that have shorelines along the Baltic Sea. This writing is focusing to the women of the eastern side of the Baltic sea where the real Baltic beauty comes from. These countries are Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia. 


Beautiful blondes of the Baltic region

Baltic women are typically beautiful, slim and quite tall blondes with blue eyes. You can also find beautiful and tall brunettes and red heads among the Baltic women as well. While slim women may sometimes have boyish bodies still most of the Baltic women typically have curvy hips and boobs. And they are still slim from their waist line and from the other parts of their body! So if you're a guy who likes tall and slim women who still have feminine figure then the Baltic women are the right ones for you.


Typical women of the Baltic region

The emasculation of men and feminism in the west is proceeding rapidly and some of the women of the Baltic region are adopting the feminist style of head shaving and men hating. Now days you can even encounter those grose hipster glasses on obese women in the capital cities of the Baltic region. But luckily those kind of women are a minority in the Baltic region and it looks like that the most of the Baltic women are suspicious towards feminism and they are unlikely going to adopt the feminist lifestyle.

Majority of the Baltic women are very feminine and they like to take care of their beauty. Baltic women are also fun and intelligent and they like to have conversations. Some Baltic women like to drink and when they drink they don't take long time to open up. Opposite to Scandinavian or British women, most of the Baltic women are sophisticated drinkers and you hardly ever see a Baltic woman wasted. (extremely intoxicated).

Baltic women mostly prefer real, love based relationships and most of them are not sleeping-around-type of girls. Getting one night stands with Baltic women is quite difficult unless you're using services of prostitutes which are quite easily available in the Baltic region. And because the Baltic region is quite popular sex tourist destination it might sometimes be hard for a foreign guy to meet local women, (other than prostitutes) because sometimes Baltic women tend to see every foreign guy as a potential sex tourist. On the other hand Baltic women like foreign, especially white western men and during the past decades a lot of Baltic women have been immigrating to western countries. So for a white western dude there are plenty of good options and potential wife material amongst the Baltic women already living in a western country. So it's a good idea to search single Baltic women from your own area.

Overall, the Baltic region has tonns of beautiful and intelligent women who like to take care of their beauty and who lack the male gender hating attitude what so many Scandinavian and Western women nowdays have. So whether you're searching for a slim, long legged hottie or a cute, girl-next-door type of a woman the Baltic women are the right choice for you.


How to meet beautiful Baltic women who are searching for love and relationship

The best way to meet love searching single Baltic beauties is to join in international dating community which has members from the Baltic region.

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Foreign Dating Forum has members world wide including members from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. Foreign Dating Forum has both, Baltic women who are living in the Baltic region and Baltic women who are currently living abroad.

So whether you're interested in meeting local Baltic women from your own area or wanting to travel to the Baltic region to meet your Baltic beauty you should join on Foreign Dating Forum.

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