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Black Woman's Dinner Invitation

Posted 2/28/2016

Markus was a Finnish guy on his late 30's. He lived quite normal life and the days were pretty much the same from day to day. Every day after the work Markus went to have a cup of coffee in the café close to his home.

One day a beautiful and curvy black woman stepped inside the café. Markus had always found black women very attractive. Markus was attracted to their typically thick, curvy bodies and sexy lips. Markus couldn't stop looking at her and the black woman noticed that.

Markus sat at the café having a strong black coffee without a sugar, as he always did. This was his local café and he came here every day after the work to have a cup of coffee and to read a news paper. From where he sat Markus could see pretty much everything that went on in the café. He sat on this same spot every day. If the table in his spot happened to be taken he sat on the table next to it. If somebody spoke to him he almost never replied, and if he replied he replied with one or maximum with two words. He just wanted to have his coffee and read the news paper. 

Today at the other side of the café there was sitting a stunning black woman. Markus had always found black women very attractive. Markus was attracted to thick, curvy black women with chocolate skin tone and sexy lips.

The black woman at the café had straight shoulder length hair, she was curvy and thick and she had luscious lips. She was exactly that kind of black woman what Markus was attracted to. Markus was distracted by her curves and couldn't quite well keep his eyes on the news paper what he was reading.

The black woman noticed that Markus was looking at her. She smiled at him and Markus smiled back. Markus could see that she was quite tall and she wore expensive looking stylish outfit which was perfectly styled to match with her black leather boots and black hand bag. Markus found her outfit with those black leather boots very sexy on her.

She smiled to Markus again and he returned to her smile. Her hand came up and flicked her hair as a sign that she had noticed Markus being interested in her.

The black woman sat sideways to Markus. This meant that his view of her was quite good and he could see her curvy and busty body clearly. The black woman took of her jacket and Markus could now see exactly how large her breasts were. Under the jacket she was wearing a tight low cut topshirt showing a cleavage. Her large breasts were almost pushing out of the topshirt. 

She knew what Markus was looking at and she looked Markus in the eyes and smiled at him. Her body language was clear and Markus could sense what she was doing was all for him. She smoothed her topshirt placing her large breasts in better positions, fiddled with her hair and gave Markus a smile.

After couple of minutes of fiddling her hair and smiling to Markus the black woman stood, picked up her handbag and looked around. She came around the end of the café and walked towards Markus. She looked stunning. Markus could now see her beautiful legs in black leather boots what she was wearing and her thick wide hips moving beautifully as she walked. Markus could feel his heart beat fastening as she walked towards him.

Markus felt how her perfume filled the space around her as she sat on the same table with Markus, smiled and looked Markus into eyes and said, "Hi". Markus looked at her and replied, "Hi".


"I noticed you were looking at me. Do you like what you see?" The black woman said.

"You look very sexy", said Markus little timidly and quietly.

The black woman looked at him and smiled. "Why don't you come to my place. I'll make you a dinner"


Markus was never a talkative type. And this moment didn't make any exceptions.

"When?" Markus asked.


"How about today" the black woman replied. "I haven't seen you eating anything. You must get hungry today later on" she smiled.


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