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Colombian Woman

Posted 8/13/2015

A Finnish man's story of his desires with a Colombian woman

Mikko was a Finnish man who had always found Latin women attractive.  He was attracted to Latin women's typically curvy bodies and their tanned skin tone which Mikko found was tanned in a just perfect way, by not being too dark but still not too pale for what Mikko liked. Mikko had never had courage to talk with Latin women although he had seen many Latin women living in Finland. Latin women felt like something too good to be true and unreachable to Mikko.

Mikko had been married to a Finnish woman and lived quite normal, typical life. Mikko kept secretly fantasizing about Latin women. He had never told to his wife about his fantasies about Latin women. One day Mikko's fantasy about Latin woman came true when her wife became friends with a Colombian woman living in Finland. 


Colombian woman seduces Mikko

Mikko's wife was working in an international company where the Colombian woman also started working. Mikkos wife and the Colombian woman, who was named Vanessa, became friends because when Vanessa moved to Finland she by chance happened to move in the same town close to Mikko and his wife.

Mikko's wife and Mikko had helped Vanessa in taking care of administrative things related in moving to Finland and Vanessa had been always invited to every party and gathering Mikko's wife had organised. Mikko had always secretly admired Vanessa's curvy and little bit like a fitness type of body. Vanessa was very self confident and her appreciation of her own womanhood combined to voluptuous and sporty body type was something what Mikko found irresistibly attractive, so irresistible that Mikko was always secretly admiring and looking at Vanessa.

Mikko's wife was a traditional Finnish woman who never felt comfortable in showy or dashing clothes same way as Vanessa did. Mikko liked Vanessa's revealing way of dressing which was always revealing in a good way, Vanessa never revealed too much with her dressing. To admit, Vanessa liked to show her beautiful body. One time Mikko was secretly amused when his wife criticized Vanessa's dressing, but Mikko was able to hide his amusement and agreed, just to please his wife that sometimes Vanessa dresses little bit too revealing.

At one weekend Mikko's wife was organizing a party at their home. As usual, Vanessa was also invited. Some of the guests had already arrived and Mikko's wife was having a glass of wine with the guests when Vanessa phoned to her and told she will be little late because there seems to be a problem with her washing machine and she couldn't dare to leave just yet, not before she can be sure that the washing machine can be left alone. Vanessa wanted to avoid possible accidents happening while she's away. Because Mikko was known to be good in repairing things Vanessa asked if Mikko could come over and make sure the washing machine is alright. Then they could come together to the party straight away after that. 

"Mikko, could you speak with Vanessa, please. She's having some kind of problem with her washing machine" Mikko's wife said and handed over the phone for Mikko.

Mikko took the phone and Vanessa told him about the washing machine which she wanted Mikko to take a look at.

Mikko walked to the Vanessa's apartment. Vanessa lived just few blocks away. When Mikko got to the Vanessa's door he noticed it was open. Mikko rang the door bell anyway and stepped inside asking: "Vanessa, are you here? It's Mikko"

"Hi Mikko, I'm here. Step in" Vanessa said from the living room with her Latina accent.

Mikko walked in the living room and founded Vanessa on the sofa. Vanessa was wearing red lingerie and black high heels. Seeing Vanessa like this was like a dream coming true for Mikko who kept secretly fantasizing of Latina women. Encountering Vanessa like this was so surprising that Mikko kind of froze and was just staring at Vanessa.

"I've noticed that you have been looking at me" Vanessa said.

"I like to be wanted like that. I know you have been thinking about me. Do you like my body?" Vanessa continued with her Latina accent.

"We Latinas have typically voluptuous bodies, different than Finnish women, I guess you find Latina type of body attractive" Vanessa was teasing Mikko.

Vanessa seemed to be very comfortable with her self and Mikko was so stunned of Vanessa's beauty that he couldn't speak. Felt like Vanessa knew Mikko's fantasies about Latin women. 

"I could be your Colombian mistress. I think you're a good man and you deserve a woman who accepts you the way you are and matches with your interests" Vanessa said.

Mikko was still unable to speak. But he knew Vanessa was right.

"I know you have been looking at me that way, I know you want me. I've been dressing the way I dress for you. I know my revealing dresses sometimes irritate your wife" Vanessa said and moved closer to Mikko.

Mikko couldn't decide whether to look at Vanessa's breasts, which were now in front of him, or her legs and feet which were well trained at the gym and tanned the way Mikko found attractive.

Mikko tried to look at Vanessa's eyes to hide his desires. But that was useless. Vanessa could sense how much Mikko wanted her and Vanessa knew Mikko's fantasies about Latin women.

Mikko wanted to hold and touch Vanessa's tanned, voluptuous but firm body. Mikko was still completely frozen and unable to move or speak, that much seeing Vanessa wearing red lingerie impressed Mikko.

Vanessa moved even closer to Mikko "You'll get what you want, I let you get to know my body. But not today. But when that happens I'm sure you'll want more" Vanessa said that with self confident voice, looked Mikko in his eyes and took Mikko's hand gently putting it on her breast.

"I have to get dressed now. We are going to your wife's party" Vanessa said.

"What about the washing machine?" Mikko was finally able to speak.

"Hah, don't worry about that. It got fixed already" Vanessa laughed and disappeared to her dressing room.

Vanessa got dressed and they walked together to Mikko's wife's party. Mikko didn't know what to say. But it didn't bother Vanessa. They both knew that soon Mikko will get to know Vanessa's body.

"You'll visit me some other day when it's better time. Then you'll have me" Vanessa whispered to Mikko while they were walking. Mikko knew that his fantasies about Latin woman was soon becoming true.


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