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Dating Russian Women

Posted 9/7/2015

Guide to dating Russian women

Russian women are known to be intelligent, feminine and beautiful. Intelligence and femininity combined with stunning beauty is a combination what men can't resist. A lot of men think that the best women come from Russia. This is why so many men are interested in Russian women and wanting to marry a Russian woman. This writing is a guide to dating Russian women. By following the instructions given on this writing you can succeed in dating Russian women and you can certainly gain popularity among Russian women. If your goal is to have a genuine, love based relationship with a Russian woman be sure you read this writing carefully and follow the instructions presented on this writing.


Russian women appreciate men who are respectful and neat

Russian women appreciate men who are respectful towards other people, take care of their hygienic and dress normally. This may sound pretty clear, but it's still good to mention, that Russian women like any other women in generally don't like men who smell or wear too much cologne. So it's good to keep in mind to wear a decent amount of perfume or cologne. Like with everyone, with Russian women also the first impression is important. Russian women don't give much value to men who are overly dressed or overly polite. Russian women are very down to earth type of persons. To give a good first impression about your self to Russian woman you should be respectful towards other people, take care of your personal hygienic, and wear normal clothes suitable to the situation and place.


Russian women like men to take initiative

With Russian women men don't need to be afraid to take initiative. Russian women don't get offended if a man approaches her and takes initiative. Actually Russian women wish men to take initiative but they don't mind if a man is shy or not quite comfortable with taking the initiative. If a Russian woman is genuinely interested in you she'll wait and will create an atmosphere where every man becomes comfortable with taking the initiative. With Russian women, men are usually comfortable with expressing their feelings. Russian women have a talent to create acceptive and relaxed environment where even the shyest men become socially talented and learn to over come their shyness. So don't be afraid to approach Russian women. Even the most beautiful and stunning Russian women are down to earth and they will accept you the way you are.


You can impress Russian women by just being your self

Russian women give high value for men who are genuine and down to earth. Russian women don't like men who pretend to be something what they aren't. This is pretty clear because Russian women are genuine and down to earth them selves, so Russian women want men to be like that too. With Russian women you don't need any pick up artist skills. Actually Russian women aren't interested at all about the men who constantly try to use PUA skills or keep on talking bad about other men in order to make them selves look better. Russian women are interested in your true character and qualities. You can tell her about your good qualities and bad qualities in a humorous way. Just keep in mind to not to compare your self with other men. You should also avoid negativity. Actually women in general don't like to have conversations about negative issues, at least not on your first date.


Russian woman don't want to be compared with other women

Russian woman wants a man who gives attention only to her. Don't compare Russian women with other women. Don't do that even if your Russian woman is the most beautiful and stunning woman in the world. She will compare her self with other women if she wants. But she don't want you to do that. Russian woman wants you to tell her that she's beautiful and stunning and the best woman for you just because of her. She wants to know that she makes you happy the way she is. Not because other women are the way they are. If you  have a need to compare Russian women with other women, at least don't do that when you are with her, it's better to keep those thoughts just in your own mind. If you compare Russian woman with other women that's just a sign to her that you have been looking at other women.


Don't dominate the conversations

Russian women have usually a lot to say and they like to talk. This is why Russian women like men who listen to them. With Russian woman you don't need to lead the conversation but it's important that you are genuinely present, live the moment with her and really listen to what she has to say. Like told in one of the previous chapters Russian women have talent to create the atmosphere where even the quiet and shy men find their conversation skills. Just remember to live the moment with her and stay genuinely present all the time with the things that are important to Russian woman. This way even your first date becomes relaxed and your conversations will go on naturally with out any effort.


Russian women are sometimes jealous

Russian women don't tell you this but Russian women are known to be jealous. The jealousy of Russian woman is not a sign of insecurity. It's a sign of true caring and it's actually a sign of the desire to take care of their loved ones. Just remember to be open and honest. Russian women don't yell to their husbands but they'll let you know if you have done something wrong or something what they don't like. This is just a sign of true caring and what Russian woman really wants is to protect all those amazing things what you two share together. 


How to meet Russian women

You can meet Russian women almost everywhere in the world so you might meet one someday in the middle of your every day life. A lot of men also meet Russian women in the Internet. If you don't want to wait that day to come when you meet a Russian woman in the library or at the groceries you can get to know Russian women searching for love by joining on one or even on all of the dating sites presented with a picture below.

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