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A Finnish Man

Posted 8/14/2015

Asian woman's story about her memories of a Finnish man

Joy was a Filipino woman living quite normal Filipino life including dreams about the love and the future. One day her life changed when she met a Finnish man who was working with a large scale business project in Philippines. Joy fell in love with that man. But who he really was and what he really did in the Philippines? Joy thought she knew the answers to those questions but she was soon to notice that she didn't know who the man she loved was and was she ever able to meet him again. 


Joy and May, who were best friends and both on their late 20's shared an apartment. They both worked at the shopping mall just three blocks away. Joy worked in a fashion store and May in a perfume store which was located on the other side of the mall. They walked to work every day. The only time of the day when they were not together was the time when they were working.

They rarely had disagreements, and if they had, they were always capable of solving them. Joy and May had been going through a lot together, they shared things together, cried together and laughed together. They were really best friends.

That day, May decided to invite Joy to shop at the mall after work for some presents for their friend's baby shower. May found a very nice gift set consisting of a silver-covered photo album for baby pictures, and a silver tube for safely keeping the baby's birth certificate.

May and Joy were both singles, both good looking women and dreaming about boyfriends, perfect weddings and a family life.

Still at the shopping mall, May remembered a fashion store specializing in kids' and baby fashion. May asked if they could go over there knowing that Joy would like this idea as much as she did.

The selection of kids' clothes and baby fashion in this store brought back a flood of memories to Joy. Maybe Joy was now just being sensitive because recently the man who she loved had just disappeared and now one of her friends was being pregnant and was experiencing that dream of the perfect weddings and the family life what Joy was dreaming about and wanting to have.

For a year earlier Joy had been miserably depressed, and she had often broke out crying. She had finally pulled herself together, and had started smiling and laughing again, but she seemed to have more of those sensitive moments now when her friend was going to have a baby.  

May had been comforting her and supporting her, like best friends do. They had been going out sometimes at weekends and met punch of decent guys. But Joy couldn't picture herself getting intimate with any of them.

Seeing now the selection of kids' and baby fashion, she recalled how she used to soothe away the stress of her job with a shower, then towel herself dry, and then go out to meet the man who she loved.

The man who Joy loved and who had disappeared a year ago was a Finnish man who was working with a large scale international business project in Philippines and who Joy had met on the shopping mall during one lunch brake when he sat at the same table where Joy was having her lunch. 

Now Joy recalled how she and the Finnish man had planned the future and how they both wanted to have kids and those perfect weddings.

Joy used to go together with the Finnish man to do window shopping on that kids' and baby fashion store's window. May didn't know they used to go there.

Tears started to come out of Joy's eyes but she was able to hide that. Thoughts of her love and the first intimate encounter with the Finnish man flooded to her mind. She needed to cry but she was trying to smile at May, who was busy in browsing through the baby clothes to notice Joy was crying.

That first time had started out innocently, talking and then kissing. Seductive music played softly on that french cafeteria. Joy had been fantasizing, all the week after meeting the Finnish man, about how his kiss would feel like. And that night, at the french cafeteria he had made the first move toward fulfilling that fantasy, by slowly taking her hand in his hand, seductively looking in to her eyes and leaning forward to kiss Joy.

They had walked together to his hotel and the man asked her to come inside. Normally Joy wouldn't go because she wasn't like that, she was more like the old fashion courtship type of a girl. But she melted into his arms when he kissed her and took her hand in his hand.

Not many men kiss like that and pay attention to women like the Finnish man did. Joy thought if more men paid attention to women like this Finnish man did fewer men would be complaining about their inability to understand women.

His characteristics had made Joy involuntarily let go of the idea of the old fashion courtship. Joy was in love and felt that the Finnish man loved her also. 

One day, all the sudden, after they had known each other for few months, the Finnish man had informed Joy that he needed to return to Finland immediately. But he was giving his phone number to Joy so that they could stay in touch. He promised to come back and wanted to take the relationship with Joy into more serious level.

The Finnish man typed his phone number in Joy's phone. Joy loved that man and there wasn't any doubts of his return. He had given his phone number. That was a strong sing of his desire to meet again after he had dealt with the things in Finland.

May never liked the Finnish man Joy was seeing. It wasn't that there was anything wrong with the Finnish man. But somehow May just didn't like him. What she didn't like was that after meeting the Finnish man Joy kept only talking about him. Or maybe May didn't like the idea that Joy was seeing someone and May ended up being alone without her best friend. 

Although Joy never meant to hurt May or make May feel miserable, those months after Joy had met the Finnish man had felt like an end to their friendship for May. Joy just happened to forget about her best friend because she was so deeply in love.

Now May was happy that the Finnish man had gone away. But what she didn't like was the thing that he might be coming back.

May felt bad and had been regretting that she took Joy's phone, broke it and got rid of it. She had done that immediately after she noticed the first message from the Finnish man was coming after he had returned to Finland and Joy was out in the park jogging.

Joy loved to do jogging in the park nearby. Jogging was good exercise and it made her feel more relaxed. She needed that, especially now when the Finnish man who she loved had temporary returned to Finland.

May was sometimes being impulsive. She did things before she thought about the consequences. First she just deleted the message. But then she got angry and remembered how she didn't like the man at all, and how the things would now be the way they used to be between her and Joy when that man who became between them had gone away.

May smashed the phone on the floor the way that it got in to pieces. After that she quickly ran outside and threw all the pieces in to the sewer next to the street.

She went to the park where Joy was jogging and pretended to be scared. She explained that there was a message from the Finnish man and she was bringing the phone for Joy to the park so that Joy could read the message. But then a man came with a motorbike, passed by May, took the phone from her hand and drove away.

Joy didn't know what to do. She didn't know what the Finnish man wanted to say. She couldn't respond to him or contact him. She had lost the only contact information of the man who she loved.

Joy tried to search his name from the Internet without results. Joy couldn't find him on Facebook. Joy couldn't find anything about the Company he was working for. The hotel refused to tell anything about the Finnish man. Did that company even exist? Did he lie about the large scale business project? Who was he and what he did in the Philippines? 

Joy was miserably depressed and broke out crying often. She knew the man had sent a message to her but she couldn't answer. She couldn't reach that man. There was too many questions without the answer. Joy loved that man, but did he love Joy? What he wanted to say in the message? Was he coming back? Why he didn't tell who he really was?

Already a year had passed. All Joy could do was walk every day to the shopping mall for work and then return at home.

If she kept continuing these routines she could maintain her stability and if the Finnish man some day returned he would find Joy working in a fashion store, having lunch at the shopping mall, passing by the kids' and baby fashion store and walking three blocks twice a day, to the shopping mall and at home. Joy didn't go jogging to the park nearby anymore.


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