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Why It's So Good to be Married to a Finnish Man

Posted 4/22/2015

Russian woman's story about her marriage to a Finnish man

This Russian woman's story was originally published in Gubernija Daily which is a Russian online magazine. In the story the Russian woman shared with everyone why she wanted to marry a Finnish man. This Russian woman's story was part of a longer series where Russian women spoke about their international marriages and lives.

Read this story and you'll know what makes Finnish men so good husbands.

Russian women are happy with their Finnish husbands

At the beginning of the interview the Russian woman told she is very happy and having a wonderful life with her Finnish husband. She told that getting married to a Finnish man was a natural choice to her because the Finnish man seemed to be a good and reasonable guy. They had first met online.
After moving to Finland the Russian woman told she got immediately attracted to the nature which surrounded her husband's house. The area where she lives in Finland is with a little distant to the nearest city and it's close to a forest. The Russian woman got aware of the fact that in Finland the people respected the nature and wanted to preserve it.
The Russian woman was impressed of the way how her husband respected the wild animals. When she discovered that hedgehogs living near their home weren't afraid of humans her husband revealed to her that he had been taking care of those hedgehogs by giving them food once in a while. That made Russian woman realize how loving and caring her husband was.


The marriage with a Finnish man is secure and based on caring and love

Typical Finnish man respects other people and other people's way of life. That's why for women it's so easy to fall in love with a Finnish man and with a Finnish way of life. 

In the interview the Russian woman told that her marriage with a Finnish man is above all peaceful and secure, real genuine partnership.

When it comes to Finnish man's temperament the Russian woman told that Finnish men are different from other men. Finnish men are very calm and they have a lot of common sense. 

In general, Finnish men know how to treat a woman; They bring you a bathrobe after a sauna and give you flowers on your anniversary. But they need a little guidance in all of this.

Finnish men avoid arguing. The Russian woman told that sometimes it feels like her husband is afraid to argue. 

The Finnish man's typical calm temperament has a calming effect for the relationship. That's why women married to Finnish men are enjoying the privilege of a happy and satisfying relationship.

One of the typical characteristics of a Finnish man is reasonable economical behavior which came familiar for the Russian woman when she asked her husband to bring her new shampoo. In the story the Russian woman told how "her husband wondered why he should bring her a new shampoo?"  The husband even had told her: " You already have one bottle of shampoo"

The Russian woman told that she had responded to her husband: " I need an other, different kind of shampoo" Of course her husband brought her the shampoo but didn't quite understand why women need so many different shampoos.

The Finnish man's reasonable economical behavior and capability on financial planning brings security and positive predictability in the marriage which are both qualities what women appreciate in a marriage.


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