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Online Dating Security

Posted 4/30/2015

Basic rules and tips

Online dating frauds happen all the time. That's why it's good to get familiar with these basic online dating security rules and tips.  Foreign Dating Finland works for the secure and easy online dating. We want to make dating and flirting easy. We also want to make online dating secure. That's why we've listed here some tips for secure online dating. By following these guidelines you can increase your security and avoid unpleasant surprises. If you want to get to know the most common online dating scams you should read the writing International dating scams and frauds.


Basic online dating security rules

Follow these rules in online dating and when participating on social networks. These rules will keep you secure and out of problems.  

  • First and the most important rule of any online dating is: Never send money to someone you have only met online and haven't met in person.
  • You should never give your credit card or online account details to someone you have only met online and haven't met in person. Neither you should never give your credit card or online account details by email or by using other online messaging systems.
  • When you meet someone interesting in a social network and you agree to meet in person you should always tell your family and friends where you are going and who you are going to meet.
  • You should always keep in mind that human trafficking, marriage frauds in order to get visa or residence permit and money laundering are all criminal offences.
  • Don't get involved with human trafficking. You should never force anyone to do sex work. You should never interact with human traffickers and never buy any sexual services from a victim of a human trafficking. If you even suspect human trafficking or that someone may be forced to do sex work you should consider reporting it to police and avoid interaction.
  • You should never agree to transfer money for someone else or to marry someone just so he or she can immigrate to another country.
  • Don't get tempted by offers of money or other rewards to marry a person just for his or her immigration purposes. Don't feel you must help somebody by being part of a marriage of convenience.


Basic online dating security tips

Watch for the following warning signs listed below. These warning signs may indicate that the person you've met is fraudulent.

  • You meet someone on a social network and their profile picture or photograph looks like it’s from a magazine or downloaded from a web site. Watch for water marks or signatures in a picture. You can also do a Google picture search to get more information of the suspicious picture.
  • After just a few contacts someone profess strong feelings for you and suggests moving the conversation away from the social network preferring email or phone instead.
  • After just a few contacts someone asks for money, gifts or your bank account/credit card details. Even if the person has gained your trust you should always keep in mind the most important rule: Never send money to someone you haven't met in person.
  • The email or messages are poorly written, vague or containing specific information which seems to be taken directly from news articles, repeats itself, you are addressed by the wrong name, or the email is not personally addressed at all.

You can also download the complete guide, an eight pages long pdf presentation of Online Dating Security - Basic scams & frauds - Rules & Tips.


How to get in touch safely with people when looking for international dating and marriage

To get in touch safely with people looking for international dating and marriage you should use only good reputation dating sites recommended by 

This link gets you to the International Dating section where are presented the best dating sites with good reputation to meet people interested in international dating and marriage.


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