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What Type of Latin American Woman Attracts You the Most ?

Posted 3/6/2016


It's not hard to guess why so many men are attracted to Latin women. Latin women, or Latinas, are known to have a voluptuous figure that looks good in a low-cut skin-tight dress. They're hot blooded, real life temptresses with their eye-catching beauty and skill at attracting, getting and keeping a man. But are all Latinas the same?

Well, surprisingly (or not), Latinas aren't all the same. Like the comedian Al Madrigal once said: “Latinos are all the same except for Mexicans really," An Ecuadorian pointed out that “Dominicans and Puerto Ricans don’t know how to speak Spanish.” And Chileans? Well they just “eat too much Mayo,” according to one Mexican. The one thing Latinos do have in common? "Hating Latinos."

Latinas, like all Latinos, tend to identify strongly with their cultural background. You can see it in the way they look, talk and act. Wouldn't it be great if you could learn how to identify different types of Latinas and where to spot them?

How to identify different types of women and different types of Latinas

The Internet and book stores are full of guides about dating women of all kinds including Latinas. There is even a field of academic study called Women's Studies. But none of the authors of those dating guides or experts on Women's Studies have been able to explain thoroughly how to identify different types of women and where to spot them.

Luckily, there's finally a book out there that does what pick-up artists and women's studies academics haven't been able to do; Explain how to identify different types of women and where to spot them. And, for the guys who are primarily interested in Latinas, there's also a new book about distinguishing between and identifying different types of Latin-American women.

It took decades for someone finally come up with the idea that an observation-based approach to the study of women, dating and relationships makes more sense than trying to determine why women behave as they do or look a certain way. There's no need to rely on traditional women's studies when you can focus instead on what women actually do and how to spot them when they do it.


Learn to identify and spot different types of Latinas by applying the techniques and methodology of bird watchers

Species profiles are the key in bird watching, and they're also the key to identifying the different types of Latin women. While birds can naturally be profiled into different species, Latinas can easily be profiled by their culture or subculture, like Mexican, Brazilian, Colombian etc. To keep it simple, let's refer these cultures or subcultures as "species" as well.

In Joe Bovino's new international #1 bestselling book, Chicaspotting: A Field Guide to Latinas of the United States fourteen species of Latinas are first profiled by their culture and each profile includes a thorough explanation of that species' appearance and behavior which deals with physical and behavioral clues for identification of each species of Latinas. Surprisingly (or not), Bovino has discovered that each species has their own unique appearance including distinctive facial features, body parts and skin tone. His species profiles include information about the typical size, body type, penchant for cosmetic or plastic surgery, -and fashion sense of each Latina species. They also include a behavioral trait chart and promiscuity rank that refers to how likely she is to sleep around and have casual sex while single.

For example Colombian women are known to have delicate, symmetrical features on a round, cute-as-a-button face; a big smile; long dark brown or black hair that's silky smooth and straight or slightly wavy; wide-set brown eyes; and soft bronzed or brown skin. Colombian women are exceptionally charming and gregarious but worldly shrewd, and mysterious. Colombian women are family oriented, proud and somewhat religious but intense, materialistic, and deeply cynical, especially about men. As for their promiscuity, Colombian women get 5 (on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 as least and 10 as most).

They are most likely to be spotted in Beauty salon; gym; beach; pool; mall; trendy boutique; restaurant or bar; dance club; (exclusive) party; boat; church; (Latin music) concert; sporting event; red-carpet affair. 


How to spot different types of Latinas

Latinas can be found everywhere in the world. Joe Bovino's Chicaspotting examines Latinas of the United States (because that's where the author lives), but the information in his profiles can still be applied to all Latinas everywhere in the world.

Latinas at a bar or grocery store may hang around long enough for you to get a good look, but others pass by rapidly and don't give you much time to spot, identify and hopefully meet them. That's why the profiles in Chicaspotting include useful information about the "habitat" that each species of Latina is most likely to be spotted. So, if you are looking for a certain type of Latina learn about the most distinctive field marks and, if you suspect someone to be the type of Latina what you are looking for, try to catch a glimpse of her face and body, listen carefully to what she says and pay attention to how she acts to determine if she's the type of Latina that you're most interested in meeting.

Order Chicaspotting and study the clues to identification noted in the book. And remember, Latinas appreciate gringos who try to understand the physical and cultural differences between them.

Start spotting Latinas and get Joe Bovino's book Chicaspotting: A Field Guide to Latinas of the United States paperback or Kindle version on Amazon. 

You can download a pdf version of the book for free on Joe Bovino's website at

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