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Who is Cheyenne Järvinen

Posted 4/25/2016

Cheyenne Järvinen is a beautiful Finnish-Filipina woman

Cheyenne Järvinen, who got her exotic beauty from her Filipina mother, was the first runner up in the Miss Helsinki competition in 2015. Recently Cheyenne has become famous as a beauty blogger and she's also known of her relationships with the Finnish rap artists Cheek and Juno. Cheyenne likes to treat her fans with beautiful Instagram photos and there's even rumours that she would have a sex tape shot together with the Finnish Big Brother star Antti Kurhinen.

Cheyenne got deppressed after the Miss Helsinki competition

Cheyenne was disapointed to be the first runner up in the Miss Helsinki competition in 2015. During the competition Cheyenne had every reason to expect to be crowned as the Miss Helsinki. In the talent section of the competition Cheyenne danced seductively and twerked wildly. But for the audience's and for Cheyenne's disapointment the judges crowned an other competitor, Rosanna Kulju as a Miss Helsinki 2015. The decision was highly criticized afterwards and Rosanna Kulju recieved a lot of personal critics.

Cheyenne Järvinen has openly spoken in her blog about her depression after the Miss Helsinki competition. Lately Cheynne have been making everybody aware that she's already got over the depression and she don't suffer any bitternes towards Rosanna Kulju anymore.

Right after the Miss Helsinki competition Cheyenne got to know a guy who was establishing a company. The company was named as Hyena Empire and Cheyenne was promised to get a share from the company if she would volunteer to work for free for few months. With the promising Hyena Empire deal Cheyenne's life started to look better. Unfortunately Hyena Empire was going to be a big disapointment for Cheyenne.


Cheyenne Järvinen was betrayed in the Hyena Empire case

On her blog post in March 20 (2016), Cheyenne Järvinen told how she became humiliated and betrayed in the Hyena Empire case. On her blog post she reveals how she was manipulated to work for free and how the guy behind the Hyena Empire made her publicly speak about her relationships with the rappers Cheek and Juno.

Recently Cheyenne Järvinen has recieved a lot of publicity due to Hyena Empire case and her relationships with the Finnish rap artists. Since March 2016 Cheyenne has been almost daily in the Finnish tabloids and celebrity magazines and it looks like she's taken her place in the Finnish celebrity scene and becoming a real, genuine celebrity. See on this link Cheyenne's blog post Totuus ja Valheet Paljastuvat.


Cheyenne Järvinen respects her femininity and is proud to be the way she is

Cheyenne Järvinen likes to post beautiful and femininily suggestive pictures on Instagram. Cheyenne has told that she appreciates her femininity and likes to get beautiful for her self. Cheyenne likes to feel sexy and she's openly secure with her femininity.

Cheyenne has publicly spoken about slut shamingSlut shaming is an unfortunate phenomenon in which, mostly other women, degrade or mock a woman because she enjoys her social life and may have relationships with men. In the most cases slut shaming can be explained with jealousy or with envy what women feel for each other. 

Cheyenne Järvinen thinks that every woman should dress sexy and provocatively if they want without caring what other people may think. In order to feel sexy and secure women should encourage each other in beauty and sexiness instead of mocking and criticizing each other.

Content source: Cheyenne Järvinen. Fabulicious CC blog.


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